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Who We Are

McMullin Marketing Limited (formerly McMullin Harrington Limited) is run by Madeleine McMullin. The agency offers a full range of marketing support from running your marketing department remotely to one off projects such as websites, brochures and market research.

What We Can Do For You

Virtual Marketing Department
Marketing Strategy
Websites and SEO
PR and Advertising

Too busy to get to it?

You know that you need to do something about promoting the company.  But you’re not sure what. And you’re too busy to do anything about it.

Let us run your marketing for you.

Is it time to review your marketing strategy?hitting the strategic target

When was the last time that you sat down and thought about what you are doing?  Not day to day tactics but the big picture: are your customers who you think they are?  Are the products right from them?  Are you reaching them with your publicity?  If the answer is too long ago to mention, then why not get in touch?

Not just a logoexample of branding work

Your corporate identity and brand are two of your most important assets: they should be a distillation of your company’s products and ethos, summing up your values.

Come and talk to us about how to get it right.

Are you web-friendly?the web

Whichever industry you work in these days, cyber space is inescapable and should form an integral part of any marketing strategy.   The internet is the first port of call for information and to purchase.  Your company needs to have a credible presence and be easy to find to avoid being left out of the loop.

World’s best kept secret?

Your products are excellent and you’re good at what you do, but nobody has heard of you?

Time to start advertising your wares.